Student Engagement Success Stories


"He made me a believer"

"I see the VALUE in education"

"I don't hate school anymore"

By the time I reached 5th grade, I almost gave up on myself.  I knew I was failing for years, but I didn't feel motivated to do much about it.

The more I failed, the more I hated school, teachers, and the whole idea of learning. 

I was a 5th grader at 2nd grade level Math.

Mr. Heath changed all of that. He let me become a part of my own learning. He showed me what I was learning, guided me in how to learn it, and most importantly gave me new reasons in why I should learn.  

Because of Mr. Heath, I changed my whole life around.  Since 5th grade, I have increased my grades and have graduated my high school as Valedictorian.  He made me a believer in myself, my education, and my future.


"I don't hate school anymore"

"I see the VALUE in education"

"I don't hate school anymore"

I hated school.  I couldn't wait for the day to be over.  I didn't like learning and didn't see the point.  School was just work.  Work that was boring and pointless. I spent a lot of time being in trouble because I just didn't care about school.  I felt unwated, unliked, and ignored.

But, Mr. Heath gave me opportunities to engage with my peers, participate in decision-making, and become a part of my own learning process. I have confidence, knowledge, and motivation to succeed.  

My test scores grew- I was below grade level and increased by three grade levels!

Most importantly I was happier. I couldn't wait to go to school every day. I love learning and have had a lot of success. 


"I see the VALUE in education"

"I see the VALUE in education"

"I see the VALUE in education"

Before I was in Mr. Heath's class, I was doing just 'ok' in school. I did what I was told so I didn't get in trouble. I didn't enjoy what I was doing or what I was learning.

Mr. Heath showed me the value in what I was learning. I did not realize the power that my education had.  I was encouraged to learn more.  For the first time in my life, I had a dream and a goal for my future.

Mr. Heath's lessons were always engaging, inspiring, and entertaining. I found myself learning WAY more than I ever thought possible. I even achieved an advanced level on my state test scores! 

My experience in his class gave me purpose, meaning, and a vision for my future.

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